Cancel reconstruction for Jordanian exports to the Iraqi market fees

President of the Jordan Chamber of Industry Ayman Hatahet welcomed the Iraqi government's decision to cancel the reconstruction amounting to 5% for Jordanian exports that enter the Iraqi market and imposed several years ago fees. Hatahet said in a press statement that "such a decision would contribute to the removal of part of the burden faced by the Jordanian industry in the light of the closure of a number of neighboring markets as a result of events in the region, especially on the Syrian side." "The decision to open the Trebil border crossing will contribute as well to facilitate the industrial sector is relatively things, especially since this export sector is facing multiple problems due to the political and military events in neighboring countries."
He noted that "the closure of the crossing damaged Besadart the industrial sector and the increased costs of the border by the search for distant ports", hoping to work constantly crossing and return things to normal usual ".