Housing Fund performed more than three thousand treatment lending

Completed Housing Fund to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and municipalities, more than three thousand treatment of lending during the month of September. According to a ministry statement, received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of the "circle of the Housing Fund of the Iraqi ridiculed all their energies to serve the citizens, as the number of committees detected for the month of September in the capital, Baghdad, 11 of the Commission at a rate of 1001 lending transactions, and in the provinces reached 21 commission at a rate of 2163 treatment lending and this is the total number of transactions exposed 3164 treatment. "" There is an easy mechanism every citizen can benefit from them by entering the Housing Fund of the Iraqi site to see the stages of the process of holding the course of his treatment, as well as ease the trouble of attending citizens and also to reduce the audits in order to provide better services to them . "The statement pointed out that" the Housing Fund has published the names of borrowers Almtlkian to pay premiums for more than three months in the local newspapers, and mention it in the satellite so as to get the amounts to be rounded and this fund lending can the largest number of citizens, ".