Asadi: the government form a committee to follow up the smuggled money

ANOTHER committee
BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) -Okdedo of the parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations Khalid al-Asadi that the Iraqi government has formed a committee to follow up the subject of money smuggled abroad. He said al-Asadi's (IMN) that "the Iraqi government has formed a committee to follow up the money smuggled abroad." Adding that "the return of these funds will contribute to the solution of financial crises experienced by Iraq, which has affected significantly in the Iraqi economy."
Asadi said that "this money should be recovered for Iraq in order to benefit from them and to hold accountable those who have smuggled," adding that "the Commission is following files and seriously and effectively."
Asadi said that "there Marqlat facing the Commission from banks and banks Umniah devices in foreign countries as well as the procedures involved in its work." Noting that "the Commission is seeking to recover funds but this is a great time needed at a time when government support to speed up the process of getting this money."