Report on the third for the implementation of economic reforms Workshop

- PUBLISHED IN 10/19/2015

Under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, Esquire was held on Sunday, 10/18/2015 third workshop on the implementation of economic reforms in Iraq under the slogan (promotion of the private industrial sector of the [...]
Under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi, Esquire was held on Sunday, 10/18/2015 third workshop on the implementation of economic reforms in Iraq under the slogan (promotion of the private industrial sector in order to support the national economy (

Chairman and a number of members of the Investment Promotion Center has participated and Aloamaralaraca with a large number of gentlemen industrialists and professionals who represent a number of sober economic organizations the work of this workshop was initiated by the President of the brother of the advisers in the Cabinet agency, saying:

The task of this workshop is very large because it will enter the private industrial sector applications within the government amendments to the instructions and regulations relevant to add to amend laws by the legislature and that there are three factors that must be provided to support the industry, a finance and economic reform and the mechanism of lending in banks.

Dr. Mahdi Keywords occur Mdermketb then Prime Minister, saying that the government is working within the government program and declared that from within paragraphs support and private sector development axis.

As the agricultural sector got some support through the agricultural initiative and featured some of the results through an increase in staple crops, but the results are still weak and are not encouraging.

We rely heavily on private industry for the success of the country's economy, but because of the old and the failure of current policies in support of the industry, we find that the industry product (GDP) of the country is only 2% of the total budget.

So we pack in the proceedings we said that we adopt the following three points to encourage the industry, namely:

Government program and package the simplification of procedures and a package of reforms has the advisers to creating laws and ideas important about the workshop of Agriculture, which took place some time ago and will be issued binding on the implementation of the decisions to the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Water Resources to facilitate the work of the agricultural private sector.

Today, we want to complete with industrial ideas and topics that the board of advisers for the development of the industry and we will work on the industrial initiative of the Council of Ministers and the Law on the establishment of industrial cities and that it is working with the United Nations almost two years ago.

Then Dr. emeritus of the Central Bureau of Statistics (NBS) a presentation of the reality of the Iraqi industry in the public and private sectors for the years 2012 - 2015, which shows that without ambition because of the security situation and lack of energy and the opening of the market on imports, which caused the migration of funds and expertise capital to neighboring countries.

Unfortunately, the Iraq depends mainly on oil so when oil prices collapsed If all sectors heavily hit because of the investment budget stop.

Also, most private sector activities are in trade, housing and service sector, while there is no real thing in the manufacturing industries. The statistics indicate that Iraq is the last country among the Arab countries in the manufacturing industry for the years 2012-2015. Also he said the project is divided into small businesses (1-9 employees) and medium enterprises (10-30 employees), a private sector projects.

While large-scale projects is one of the 30 workers or more, including the projects of the private sector and the sector mixed and the public sector. He explained that large projects are bricks and mills, cement and soft drinks industry, and after Mr. Mahdi Keywords on modern Central Bureau saying that the private sector when it does not give the real data for industrial census, it will hurt the state and it harms the private sector generally lack a clear vision of the government, but through the data provided by the citizen and industry. After which it called on the President of the advisers to the formation of six committees Each committee specializes in a particular axis, namely:

1. Ahariat and instructions that control the industrial sector

2. lending priorities targeted projects.

3. proposals in Alokarz mechanisms.

4. simplify the procedures related to the industrial sector.

5. decisions urgent package

6. pharmaceutical industry support mechanisms.

Gentlemen and distributed on these committees and they put their proposals and demands on the decisions of government committees and will we will bring you the recommendations of these committees later.

After that, Mr. Prime Minister, Dr. Haider Abadi Esquire attended the workshop and said:

We know that there is a hostile atmosphere for reform in general and the economic and industrial particular .. either within the government or from some users, there are people who do not want the Iraqi experience to succeed because they are beneficiaries of the current situation.

So I hope that does not give up and continue to reform and progress because we have 10 years ago we hear the reforms, but we have not touched anything so I ask to do the single window for investment to reduce waste and efforts and possible benefit of paragraph international arbitration in the new investment law and touched Dr. Abadi that in 2008 the government increased salaries employees in the public sector to the private sector so confused and caused internal migration of the cadres and workers toward the public sector and this was a big mistake because we wish that the state be in the service of all because it depends on oil and oil is the property of everyone in this country.

He explained that he was stopped work tariff customs because they incorrectly applied, which will open new doors for corruption, then the Prime Minister said it should be the Iraqi goods is the finest to be desired by the consumer and we believe that the mechanisms of domestic marketing should be improved and the government is ready to help in this matter.

He explained that the world oil prices fell by more than 45%, which Djalnanani of real financial crisis because we need sustained funding for the war against Daash and this cost us very large sums of money, and although affected by the budget, but we have increased the social protection network 'salaries up to 50% to try to reduce their suffering Under these circumstances, and despite all ,,,,,, Mazkrna above there are still some politicians are bidding on people's livelihood and pay the country into the unknown and they are sprayed incorrect rumors to discredit the government in the process of reforms and, most recently rumors that launched him on the payroll.

He concluded his speech directed to the private sector .. Dear industrialists that the government is friendly to you and we are with you and we are not against you and are ready to amend any law serves the interests of industry and industrialists because we believe that the industry and imports will represent an important part of the imports of this country.

The report was prepared: Haider Ali Hadi, Managing Director of the Center for Investment and ages of the Iraqi Development