Vegetative calls for rapid enactment of the Investment Law

October 20, 2015 19:19

Author: alzawraapaper

Baghdad / nina:
The head of the citizen Bloc Hamid vegetative to expedite the enactment of the Investment Law after taking the right notes on the Law into account.

He said in a statement that the investment law is very important for Iraq in the current period and will open the field whether the law attracting national and foreign companies and the expansion of the field to take a large area of reconstruction and construction in various such as agriculture, industry and trade sectors.

"He pointed to" the need to speed up the enactment of this law to be attractive to companies discreet in Baghdad and the provinces, "stressing the need to take a few remarks about the investment law, which will be decided at the next meeting, and thus can vote on the law as soon as possible.

The House of Representatives for a vote on the amendment to the investment law next week.

A source parliamentary Iraqi News / nina / National Agency yesterday that the decision to postpone was taken not to get agreement on some of the paragraphs.