The parliamentary economy reveals reasons for not voting on investment law
By: wab1
Date: Wednesday, 21-10-15 01:14 am

Baghdad: Baghdad news

Detection of economy and Investment Committee Member representative Haris shanshal that

Reasons for not voting on the agreement on some paragraphs of investment law in the last meeting, members of the Board of investment increased to 11 instead of 9 currently.

Shanshal said in an interview in Baghdad followed news that the objection to the first paragraph and second in the second amendment to the law on investment by the three parliamentary committees financial and legal economics Presidency has given the House a deadline hours to agree on points that were previously agreed. "

Shanshal noted that "more than one mat objectionable in this law is the theme developer, so understand the form and Finance Committee understood, adding to the number of members of the Board of investment, which was 9, according to the Government's austerity regime of the current economic situation, the Commission considered that the number of members of the Investment Board 11 people, but that the Finance Committee rejected".

Shanshal said "were also objecting to the number of advisers in the body where the Presidency of the Council of Ministers decided to reduce the number of experts and advisers, but the Investment Committee want 3 Chief investment advisers" continued disagreement on this paragraph.
Shanshal said that "there is another controversial point, the Commission considers economy through reviews investment land titling for investment companies, but that the Finance Committee objected that the process of ownership constitutes an obstacle to the country's future."