Al-jubouri is demanding flexibility around the Federal Court Act
By: wab1
Date: Wednesday, 21-10-15 01:48 am

House, Salim al-Jabouri called the Kurdistan Alliance MPs to show flexibility regarding the Federal Court Act.

Shawki said in an interview, "I followed the news that" the Federal Court Act has reached the stage of voting, but the difference is the issue of the Court and vote ", stating that" the President of the Council, the Kurdistan Alliance deputies request to demonstrate the kind of flexibility in this aspect. "
Shawki added that "the Government has withdrawn the most important
laws of the House of representatives, with the exception of the investment law, which was read the first and second reading, past meeting vote on articles I, II and III, but there are formal errors of law concerning the sequence of the original text, where voting has been postponed until Tuesday of next week."
Referred to the differences between some political parties has caused a delay in the vote on the law of the International Court, which requires a vote 219 deputies.