The draft 2016 budget in the parliament next week

Our economy / Baghdad - A commission of economy and investment representative for access general federal budget draft for next year from the government to the House of Representatives during the next week.

A member of the committee MP Abdul Karim al-Naqib, on Tuesday, it will study the financial budget for the next year in 2016 if they come to put the mission plans to meet the deficit.

Naqbl and he pointed out that "the economic and investment commission parliamentary coordination with the parliamentary finance committee will study the financial budget for next year is very intense," noting that "after studying the financial budget we will develop necessary to fill the fiscal deficit in the plans."

He said the economic and investment commission member of the parliamentary "The Parliament will pass the budget reading as soon as possible," revealing at the same time that "the 2016 budget will come to the House of Representatives next week."