Justice is bringing in and prevent the travel of senior officials in the Ministry of Trade orders

Said Judge Mohammed Salman, in a statement: "The recruitment of orders issued against senior officials of the Ministry of Commerce, in accordance with Article 318 of the Penal Code."

He continued: "The orders included the current minister observer and member of the Office of the Inspector General, the minister counselor who serves as general financial and legal department director, too."

He pointed out that recruitment is also a long-general managers of the grain trade, planning and follow-up, the central market, and food, and commercial and financial control, in addition to the Director of Public Contracts Section.

He said an investigative judge of integrity, "that these officials were part of a committee to negotiate on the receipt (Uruguayan rice), then show it is fit for human consumption."

Salman noted that it was booking this rice, and the issuance of a travel ban on recruitment orders to those surveyed.