Jaafari has received the credentials of the new Japanese Ambassador: Iraq has the economic advancement kits

Received Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari on Monday a copy of the credentials of the new Ambassador of Japan to Iraq Fumio Iwai papers.
According to a ministry statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of "al-Jaafari wished to the Ambassador of Japan's new success in his diplomatic duties in Baghdad, expressed the readiness of the Foreign Ministry to provide all support and services to the Japanese Embassy in the framework of strengthening relations between Baghdad and Tokyo.
He thanked the Iraqi people for the positions Japan on the security, political, and service levels, stressing the importance of exerting more efforts to promote economic cooperation and investment of Japanese companies in Iraq. He said al-Jaafari, the need to take advantage of Japan's expertise in the field of reconstruction, infrastructure, pointing out that Iraq has the economic advancement through wealth kits oil, agricultural and water, and industrial and tourist large that you need to help friendly countries in the investment service of the Iraqi people.
For his part, Iwai said he would make all efforts to strengthen cooperation between Baghdad and Tokyo, saying his country would continue to assist Iraq in its war against Daash gangs terrorist, and to provide humanitarian aid to the displaced families , praising the efforts of the Iraqi government in the context of keeping the unity of the Iraqi row, and the fight against terrorism, and to develop the economy, and support the sector Acial.