UNHCR and the internal sign the minutes of a joint cooperation for the registration of employees of the ministry Bayomtrella

Independent Electoral Commission Minutes of a joint cooperation with the Ministry of the Interior and signed for the purpose of registration of employees of the ministry recording Bayomtrella to ensure their participation in the upcoming electoral benefits and to vote and not to miss this right for its members in preparation for the preparation of the voters' register for covered by your vote of associate. According to a statement of the Office Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of "This measure, which are working on the Commission comes through the joint cooperation between the two sides and facilitate the task of mobile teams of UNHCR and scheduling process of the movement of these teams depending on the security units sites, as well as a number Almentspen them with preparation instructions by the ministry adherents to update their data and instruct them of the importance of Albaaomitri registration process.
He added that the record and signed by Commission President Board of Commissioners in the election commission Serbest Mustafa Rashid and on the other side, Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban
The statement noted that "the Electoral Commission is continuing its efforts with the ministries and institutions of the different state of During the signing of memorandums of understanding and the minutes of a joint to facilitate the task of UNHCR staff in the voter registration Bayomtrella of employees of these ministries and institutions Aovernmah.