Iraqi Trade issued a clarification on the "bloc and rocks" in the US imported rice bags

Twilight News / denied commercial and financial control department in the Ministry of Commerce on Monday the existence of any farm or rocks in bags of US rice, which reached the southern ports. This came in a report by the department after investigations conducted on shipload after the receipt of information by one of the citizens. The Director General of Audit Department in its report Hiam Ali Abd al-Aoun, said the information received to our circle branch in the province of Basra through citizen made a video presence of rocks in bags of rice in the port of Umm Qasr and based on that information has been the formation of a working group for the purpose of ascertaining the authenticity of the information contained . She added that he found during the investigation and audit in quantities of rice received absence of any farm or rocks in bags of US rice, while stressing the administrators audit in the port of Umm Qasr, not watching any bag has a Aotktl rocks had been emptied on the truck appeared and it became clear during the investigation that the person who The information presented is inaccurate and untrue. She Abdul Aoun viewfinder that authorities in the port of Umm Qasr has worked to isolate the affected bags on the back of the ship and items are not loaded and that's what has been documented through video and compact disc CD.
She said MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki's office from north of Basra area has checked out models of material rice was assisted by Pfahsa Laboratory of Umm Qasr to check the claim of the citizen and find out the truth in the quality of basmati rice and the US, noting that the team continues leap citizen who has uploaded the truck heading to stores General Company for Grain Trade.

On the other hand confirmed that the Ministry of Commerce that what is being talked about now for corruption is a process and a clear target for those working in the Ministry of Commerce, especially since screening procedures conducted under an atmosphere of transparency and accuracy in the laboratory screening procedures in more than a point after the use of the ministries of health and planning to prevent cases of fraud and manipulation in laboratory testing procedures.