Jubouri calls for the prime minister to cancel the amendments to the salaries of doctors and university professors

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, on Monday, the prime minister to cancel the amendments that would reduce the university professors and doctors' salaries, he promised that the abolition of privileges will facilitate the migration of the country process, as he emphasized that the university service law can be repealed the law of the prime minister .
Said Saleem al-Jubouri through the House of Representatives session the 31 of the first legislative term of the second legislative year, which was held today, that "there is a special law university service voted by the House of Representatives can not be abolished by law of the prime minister," calling on the prime minister to "Cancel all amendments that will reduce the university professors and doctors' salaries. "
He said al-Jubouri, that "the state spent on a university professor and doctor of tens of thousands of dollars to get this certificate and later offers a great service, and can not compensate their new appointments."
Jubouri promised, that the abolition of privileges "somehow facilitate their migration process of this country at a time Sthra countries of the world to accept them immediately as workers or refugees, and thus lost the last remaining of our energies and skills, which warn him."