President of the Parliament to discuss with deputies and members of the Diyala provincial council delegation to unite efforts to support displaced persons and facilitate their return

House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, received in his office, on Sunday evening, a delegation of members of the House of Representatives and members of the Diyala provincial council. During the meeting, they reviewed the latest developments in the province, especially the security aspect and the province of experienced security breaches recently. The meeting also discussed in detail the displaced file and the need to consolidate efforts to support families returning and facilitate the return of the remaining ones.
Mr. Speaker has stressed the need to have the Council of Diyala province, an important and active role in decision-making and the removal of obstacles to the process of work within the province, adding that the current stage requires greater coordination between the political blocs and unite their efforts to serve the interests of their children and meet their aspirations.

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The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives