Trade searching contract with the Turkish and Iranian companies for the supply of iron and stresses the accuracy checking of imported materials

Examined the Ministry of Commerce possibility of contracting with Iranian steelmaking company and the Turkish company for the supply of iron, while confirming that it is working to start a new page for significant contracts with international companies and the origins of solid, announced on the other hand its commitment to conduct laboratory tests accurate and frequent imported materials for its own account. And discussed public company Trade of construction materials in the Ministry of Commerce possibility of contracting with Sazan Iranian company for the manufacture of steel and company Okenjlr Turkey for the supply of iron.
A statement of the ministry from the director of the company and the agency reformer names as saying that the company is working to start a new page for significant contracts with international companies and the origins of sober for the supply of construction materials within Iraqi and international standards and to participate in building campaign and reconstruction taking place in Iraq.
"The company has suffered long years of not conclude any contract for the supply of construction materials which caused the problems of administrative, technical, and it now invites us to overcome these problems and to begin a genuine witness the establishment to enter the Iraqi market through the supply of materials good and appropriate private Iraqi environment that the company's reputation already was distinguished by its contracts with the best global origins.
"She pointed out that" the first step was the two companies to Turkey, and Iran being discussed now with committees of contract and the Board of Directors to be followed by other measures aimed at contracting with international origins especially sober.
"He noted that the Minister of Trade is following the work of this company and the steps followed in the procurement and contracting and the purchase of various construction materials field, whether that meets the needs of citizens in the construction and reconstruction, or within the framework of the Iraqi home, government institutions and private sector companies order.
On the other hand reported The ministry said in a statement received "long" a copy of which it is "committed to the multiplicity and diversity of the examination of imported materials measures accepted by the ministries of trade, health, planning laboratories, and prevents the entry of any food item to the Iraqi territories before the advent of the examination final results and to ensure compliance with the specifications adopted by the device standardization and quality control, "indicating that" the ministry dealing strictly away from the complaints and observations by the dealers and suppliers through the media in order to exert media pressure in order to pass the food items are not identical to the controls and specifications.
"The ministry and drew in its statement that" the presence of ships in Marine areas close to ports does not mean a delay, it is a routine, "adding that" the ministry adopts this mechanism (ie keep ships away from ports in standby mode pending the results of the examination) to reduce the arrival of a failed materials in laboratory testing procedures to the citizens. " .