Al-Mahmoud: The judiciary is independent and transparent procedures

BAGHDAD (morning) - denied the head of «the Supreme Judicial Council»
Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, the accusations directed at the judiciary, and pointed out that the term «politicization of the judiciary» which some release him against his organization «incompatible with the concept of the judiciary», revealing part of the reformist tendencies of the existence of 35 an item for the development of the judicial work in the country. He said Mahmood in a meeting with the «morning» that «politicization of the judiciary, is unacceptable in itself is not, there is no such thing», adding that «the judiciary independent and procedures transparent, and any decision taken or judgment issued subject to appeal in accordance with legal frameworks consisting of six ways ». And on the late arrival of four out of five of judicial reform laws to parliament, he replied that« the judiciary has sent all of those laws to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, one of the act by sending both to the State Council or to the House of Representatives », Indicating that his authority «fulfilled its obligations in this aspect».
It is said that judicial reforms related to five head of laws is «the Supreme Judicial Council, the Prosecutor's Office, and judicial supervision, and the Court of Cassation, and the Federal Court».paper development of the judiciary head of the judiciary, he explained that his institution «paper was prepared for the development of judicial work, contained 35 items, most notably an invitation of judges and public prosecutors and specialists affairs of the judicial and legal to hold a general conference discusses the development of the judicial work and show the proposals in this regard in all transparency». He spoke Mahmoud, for achievements in the judiciary, saying: »
It has been increasing judicial staff about a thousand judge, compared to what was the case before 2003, where he currently reached number to 1587 as a judge and member of claim year, was changed locations 87 judges, and the distribution of 122 others recently graduated between courts », indicating that it was« limited challenged by way of appeal proceedings which worth one million dinars and more in order to avoid procrastination and to secure the resolution of the case of little value with ease and speed ». He pointed out that it was« eight judges dimensions during the past eight years and a fair trial given the exiles all the guarantees, and the punishment of 107 judges warning a harsher penalty before dimensional through the past five years, and has taken measures to ensure the safety of judges and their families in hot spots ».preparation eliminate the first judicial official in the country, he added:« as to make way for lawyers and jurists in the sessions of the judicial development of the number of judges Institute, and the introduction of judges and public prosecutors and other associate in the sessions raise the professional competence in the judicial Development Institute ». He said in this regard:« completed the Code of Judicial power projects of the Federal Kalmgmh which defined the mandate of its president and its members with 12 years starting from 2004, and the Supreme Judicial Council and the Prosecutor's Office and the Judiciary Inspection Department and the General Administration », stressing that he was «demand of the House of Representatives to speed up the Elimination legislation of laws». paper development of the judicial work, also included a «complete the project Civil Procedure Law, which guarantees decisive faster proceedings, and a review of the judicial fees law so as to ensure free justice in the field of personal status and personal material suits» , according to Mahmoud, who pointed to «raise the nominations of the Supreme Judicial Council on the posts of President of the Federal Cassation Court, the chief prosecutor to parliament for approval on them». He also spoke about the judicial police link the administrative authority of the federal judiciary with keeping the technically linked to the Interior Ministry, and rely on the electronic network in a judicial Notifications shorthand for a time, and complete the process of tuning the minutes of the courts, decisions and judgments issued by it electronically. Investigation offices as has been the expansion of the formation of the judicial investigation offices as a experience himself out of Iraq in the region, as well as expand the powers of the boards of appeal in the literature and the formation of committees as a kind of decentralization and participation of the President Appeal with his deputies in decision-making, make the validity of the general managers set and the rest of the administrative titles in the judiciary exclusively However, the judiciary heavily guarded its independence. The President of the Supreme Judicial Council, said the document «development» also included cooperation with the Bar Association and the Union of Jurists of Iraqis and the rest of the non-governmental organizations in the fields competent, in addition to the countries and organizations all in the judicial field and according to diplomatic contexts. He Mahmood that he did not record any financial breach on the judiciary since it separated its budget in 2004 for the Ministry of Justice after audits conducted in this regard, and to intensify efforts continued in the area criminal cases and the investigation and trial, especially terrorism and financial and administrative corruption cases. specialized courtsin the same context, between Mahmoud that he was «the formation of specialized courts in the integrity of the appeal centers issues, and urged the Integrity Commission to verify the news contained and complete and sent to the public prosecutor, and activating the role of the public prosecutor in moving the complaints for crimes committed on public money ». It was« activate the department follow the orders of the travel ban and book money associated headed by prosecutors and the abolition of Administrative Order that connects the public prosecution, headed by the Appeals Chambers and the granting of independence in the performance of his duties according to the law ». He hinted Mahmood at the conclusion of his speech to that among the items listed, making the appeal decisions urgency of the personal status courts of personal material courts of the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal as discriminatory instead of the Federal Court of Cassation, and specify the duration of the appeal the verdicts and decisions of all to secure clarity to stakeholders, stressing that he «was formed three committees to follow up the implementation of the document, including one sequence legislative matters and other administrative matters and a third of Finance ».