Barzani's moves to deport the MDC on forming local and Central Government!
Date: Monday, 19-10-15 12:12 pm

It seems that the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Massud Barzani, still has a lot of political will over the wallops cheeks earnings "Curran-change", so would be expelled Ministers movement and representatives of the Parliament of Kurdistan, just being a black light.
Kurdistan Democratic Party mp-shakhawan cell Abdullah, disclosed that, to boot: "that his party will consider previous agreements with block change regarding the presence in Government of the territory, either by smack coming lkoran we read in an interview Abdullah us, the perception of how much strength proportional to that his allegation of sacrifices made by his political plate went to alkordstanien rivals:" we as a bloc winning recent elections in the region, sacrificed a lot of our merits for other blocks, to form a consensus Government, for the stability and reconstruction of the territory "
And here expressing Abdullah regretted, he revealed: "smack components change movement that is part of the political process, duplication, especially in the recent events, we came to the conclusion not to allow them to be in the Government", and further details of the slap "Curran, the Democratic Party of Kurdistan decided to reconsider the previous agreements, as regards the entry of a movement of change in Government, we will form a cabin andZarie Zare, not new, and it will be our candidate for Vice President of the Federal Parliament, which is a part of our worth, and sacrificed to block change and its candidate Aram Sheik Mohammed ", and accusations of alleged Koran Peshmerga in the escalation by political group Abdullah:" Peshmerga heroine regular force, combat terrorist daash two consecutive minor potential, it cannot allow the MDC or any other party, accusing it of militias, because they are part of the security system, and remind the reader that : "The KDP accused the mass change of being behind riots that accompanied protests demanding overdue salaries in Sulaimaniya, and some other areas, killing a number of party cadres and burn fomented, in addition to casualties among protesters.