Picked up some media statements by a number of officials in the government, which expressed their dissatisfaction with the salaries paid to Employees of the House of Representatives, and while we stress that the salaries paid to the Council is Mozqgua same salaries paid to Employees of the presidencies of the Republic and the Cabinet as well as independent bodies and national security .

We would also like to show that the Employees of the Council located it upon themselves to provide technical and administrative requirements for the processes of legislation and supervision and this task requires a stay in consistently long hours stretching sometimes to the middle of the night, in addition to the attendance on Fridays and sometimes Saturdays as well as the security targeting, which affects his staff, the Council has sacrificed its bounties of its staff in a convoy of martyrs as a result of this targeting.

In conclusion, it must be pointed out that the economic problem facing the country is in financial corruption and not in the employees' salaries.

General Secretariat of the Council of Representatives