The joint national plan to prevent the negative media and false rumors

BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - odat the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights joint plan with the Chancellery of national security, in order to prevent the negative media from broadcasting rumors same individual Iraqi, pointing out that such a plan in the process of discussion at universities and dissemination among members of society.

He said committee member Salama al-Khafaji's (IMN) said that "the negative media generates frustration among citizens," noting that "it was coordinating with the National Security develop programs and mechanisms to deal with any negative media works to broadcast malicious rumors."

The spokesman of the Badr Organization Karim al-Nuri, last week, that the terrorist gangs directed broadcasting rumors about throwing toxins in rivers to cover the defeats in the liberated areas.

Khafaji added that "the national plan included providing some research on the prevention of media that works to spread rumors and treatment mechanisms," noting that "such research in the process studied by universities and by educating students and the educated class in the country."

She explained that "the national plan include broadcast hope in the hearts of the citizens, instead of false rumors, through some media and the laying of trust among members of society."

According to the Security and Defense Committee in Parliament, in the former profiteers, that Daash terrorist gangs, using recent paper in broadcast false rumors after the entry of the security forces to liberate Fallujah, calling for the defense and interior ministries to promote media effort to uncover the facts, including the spins of the fighting in Anbar and discredit those rumors.