Iran increase its oil production of 500 thousand b / d within a week after the lifting of sanctions

Agencies - on Monday a senior Iranian oil official said that his country will increase its production of crude by 500 thousand barrels per day within a week of the lifting of international sanctions on Tehran.
And the transfer of site information Zzrah Iranian Oil on the Internet (Shanna) of the Director General of the National Iranian Oil Company Rukn al-Din Javadi as saying, "achieved an increase of 500 thousand barrels in Iran's oil production in less than a week after the application of the lifting of sanctions.

"It would be the majority of our customers who will buy this excess production from traditional customers in Europe and Asia."

And the United States agreed on Sunday to ease conditional sanctions for Iran but warned that this will not come into force until Tehran to curb its nuclear program as it is required under the nuclear agreement reached in Vienna on July 14.

The Iranian oil minister said his country member of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will increase production by 500 thousand barrels immediately after the lifting of sanctions imposed on it and it will add another 500 thousand barrels per day to production shortly thereafter.