House of Representatives raises investment law from today's session

Mon, October 19, 2015 14:46

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. raise the House of Representatives, the Investment Law of today's meeting of the different political blocs and committees on some of its paragraphs.

He said the economic and investment commission member parliamentary correspondent for Knight Knight / Baghdadi News /, "The House of Representatives to raise investment law from today's meeting, and will be included in the coming sessions and that the occurrence of differences between the blocs and committees on some of its paragraphs."

Knight added that "the most important paragraphs that have been challenged by paragraph committees are members of the Presidency of the Investment Authority as if they were members of 9 or 11 members."

He explained that "there are other controversial point is the right of the first investor of the project if it was outside the city that the project itself refers to another investor, which some deputies forces Union of Kurdistan this point opposed," adding that it "also differed on the draft law of the right of the investor buy the land on which It will be investing after fifty years of investment symbolic price ".anthy 21 m / n