Economist: Iraq suffers from poverty and Batalh..walsnaah stopped two decades ago

10.19.2015 at 09:59 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
He stressed the economic expert on behalf of Antoine, Monday, that Iraq suffers from a high rate of poverty and unemployment, and among the cement plants have stopped, although they have the market there Vogue in Iraq because of the scarcity of buildings and Almnasal.

He said Antoine L / scales News / that "Iraq is suffering from a lack of private health and environmental services with the migration of Iraqi minds, as well as high poverty and unemployment and the destruction of infrastructure and the spread of ignorance and illiteracy," pointing to "the need for attention to industry in building the society with the need to pay attention to universities" .

Economist and added that "no country rely on indiscriminate import, and the closure of factories and local factories and deprive the Iraqi market and without conditions and regulations and free from quality control," adding that "the industry stopped two decades ago which can not compete now, and stop cement plants and the entry of cement imported, especially that there is a popular market in Iraq because of the scarcity of buildings and Almnasal ".

Antoine pointed out that "more than three million people without housing, and an annual increase of population increase, according to the crisis," stressing that "this housing crisis will remain valid for 30 years until a suitable strategy for the crisis situation."

It is noteworthy that "the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, confirmed L / scales News / earlier, that the legislation of Labor and Social Affairs law will organize the rights of workers in the private sector and provides the elements of attraction in which to work," adding that "we are trying to absorb the unemployed and the elimination of unemployment. "

He asked "MP from the bloc of Hassan Khalati, earlier, the government to provide jobs for young people and absorb unemployment; to reduce migration out of the country."

Migrated "hundreds of Iraqis to European countries due to the high level of violence and unemployment in Iraq," .anthy 29 n / 10