Parliamentary Legal: Iraq can recover his money from officials in the event of transfer to relatives

BAGHDAD / Sky Press: m. a
Said a member of the parliamentary legal committee secretary-Bakr, on Monday, that Iraq can recover his money from officials in the case was transferred to a relative of the first class, pointing out that the non-application of the Law on Integrity Authority in this regard in particular led to the loss of Iraq's money abroad.
He said Baker's "Sky Press," that "body's Integrity Act to retrieve the stolen money includes detect all money officials before and after taking office he and his relatives of the first degree and control the rate of inflation in the money", stressing that "Iraq could recover the money stolen from officials even if He has registered his money in the name of one of his relatives. "

"The law is the accused is innocent until proven guilty Contrary to the Integrity Act, the charge if it was a financial likeness is accused of and he has to prove his innocence," explaining that "if the law applied as stated in the Constitution of integrity, there is no room for evasion."
He noted that the "non-application of the law on body integrity, monitoring and control of money officials led to the loss of Iraq's money abroad."

It is noteworthy that large numbers of Iraqi officials who have risen to important positions state stole cabinets full of money and they transfer to banks outside the country, without being followed, except that the three presidencies pledged to hand them over government to fight corruption and recover that money positions, also stressed the religious authority High in Iraq to activate the subject, with the Integrity Commission has pledged to address the order and recover all the money stolen.