Abadi: there lying on the ladder of the new salary political competition

October 18, 2015 23:10

Accused Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, some quarters [which he did not name] as "lying and trying to block the" Implementation of the government's recent decision on the new salary ladder.

Ebadi said according to a statement during his speech at the Workshop on the implementation of economic reforms to promote private industrial sector, that "the new peace is for there to be social justice and reduce disparities between the higher grades and lower it is not reasonable to give certain large concessions slice which is doing is not commensurate with the size of these provisions so we can be with a fair salary ".

And that "some want to hinder and gives false information about salaries and the new peace," adding that "political competition this is not his field, because they do not want reforms and some minted forced in front of public pressure, but it began currently talking raises the problems, but I see that the majority in Parliament in favor of marching with reforms. "

He called al-Abbadi, "university professors and three presidencies and some ministries to be patient with us because the country is suffering from a financial crisis and we need to rationalization and we have several accumulated measures to bridge the fiscal deficit," adding that "health professionals did not affect their salaries, as some claim."

The prime minister noted that "some segments of society need to support, therefore the proportion of social protection network allocations by 50 percent has increased because we do not want to be affected by this slide."

He called for "the bombing of youth and starting the private sector towards development and that there are steps to move it towards the right path."

He said that "the subject of the private sector, especially the industrial sector is very important and some are trying to create a hostile atmosphere between industrialists and the state refused to change and reform, because there are those who touched these reforms and Aaridonna to move forward and some of the corrupt wants to get on the profits without work and this is an illegal gain and survival situation as it is He keeps these corruption. "

"We must unite and not retreat from reforms because of these attacks and continue," adding that "the slight development in the industrial sector is not commensurate with the conditions of the country and we have to walk the country forward and we have strategies that will contribute to the development of this sector, including the project to simplify government procedures" A.