Parliamentary Integrity calls on the masses to support and emphasize: I will not take into account the edema of the corrupt

10/18/2015 20:35 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Called the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Adel Nouri, Sunday, groups of people, the mass of all to stand with his committee and support to expose corruption and bring the corrupt files into the judiciary through their boycott socially, pointing out that "the Commission will not take account of a custody if he was involved in corrupted files."

He said Nuri's / scales News / "The Integrity Commission has announced a number of corrupt names and revealed the corruption of public opinion files without fear of them must therefore be on public opinion Province corrupt socially," calling on the masses of the Iraqi people to "stand with the Committee and assist them through the province corrupt and punish socially to crack down on them. "

He said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member that "we will not take into account to a custody if he was involved in corruption and the theft of the Iraqi people's money Files", stressing that "the Commission will provide the bold steps in the coming period to eliminate corruption and to hold accountable senior spoilers."

The "Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Ardalan Noureddine count, earlier, that the Iraqi judiciary is the source of the biggest problems faced by the Iraqi people," pointing out that "the authorities investigating corruption files and witnesses are subjected to threats by corrupt as the" murder ".

It is said that "the judiciary issued arrest warrants against memorandums of a number of officials in the current and previous governments accused of corruption files," while issued a "judicial provisions against a number of them."

The "Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Talal Zobaie called, on Saturday, all of the issued arrest warrant against them Aostkdam orders to surrender themselves to eliminate the competent authorities" .anthy 29/28