Parliamentary Security clarify Ghabban about 600 officers since he took the Interior

Parliamentary security committee plans to host the Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban against the backdrop of large-scale changes conducted by the ministry since taking longer 600 officers of various ranks.
The Committee emphasizes that it will ask the minister to clarify the processes of change, noting that some of the bench do not have the qualifications to assume the important responsibilities.
Although the Ministry of Interior to justify their actions as an attempt to reform aimed at saving 18 billion dinars recently carried deportees officers on the state treasury, but the Commission on Security describes the move as "unfortunate". In turn, defended Interior Minister bloc in the House of Representatives for its actions, saying it was in line with the reform and austerity measures implemented by the government, and accused opponents of the dimensions of the officers as "political hypocrisy".
The Ministry of Interior announced, the beginning of last week, referring 428 officers to retire, and promised that the measure comes to rationalize government expenditure and expenditure compression and pumping new blood. She stressed that those officers were assigned to the state 18 billion Iraqi dinars and 900 wheel and 1400 full salary protection element.
The Interior Ministry issued two documents, on 8 August 2015, which contained referral of 49 officers of various ranks were divided between the team and a brigade and Dean, to jus. The ministry also issued late last year Diwaniya orders exempting positions 25 officers from their posts and transferred to the command of the Directorate-General for Human Resources Management.
In this context Hakhuan Abdullah, Rapporteur of the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary, that "given the importance of the subject changes, which affected 428 officers at the Interior Ministry, it took a big priority in meetings of the Security and Defense Committee today (yesterday) Saturday," he says.
Abdullah added, in a statement to (range), that "there are changes that have occurred in the Interior Ministry earlier in the longer 123 officers," pointing out that "the security and defense committee with the reforms and the changes and the renewal of bloodshed in the military."
And bridge the parliamentary security committee decision, "but all the changes that have taken place, now and in previous periods, we are not familiar or aware of detail," stressing "the existence of reservations to the parliamentary security committee on some of the characters that have been nominated for vacant positions."
He revealed the Kurdish MP that "the Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary decided to host the Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban to see the merits of the replacement and change some officers with others," noting that "the reasons for our reservations on some of the characters back to not having a military certificates entitling them to manage these security sites".
And refers Hakhuan MP Abdullah that "the sum of the officers who have been deported by the Interior Ministry since the start of the current session of up to 600 officers from various ranks."
In the same context, says MP Majid Gharrawi, the other member of the Security and Defense Committee, said that "the Ministry of Interior justified the replacement of some of its officers to conduct reform processes in the military after they were assigned to the state budget 18 billion dinars per month spread over Hamayatem and Jlathm and MIE and maintenance and all the supplies they need." .
He Ghraoui (range) by saying, "let us know through the file of these officers and find them occupy important positions are the ones who have been replaced by other officers," Amos da that "the Interior were not successful replace these officers."
Attention MP for the Liberal bloc that "the security and defense committee listened to the views of some of the officers deportees will be matched with the justifications interior minister, who will attend to the Commission's headquarters on Sunday."
In turn, stressed the Badr, which belongs Interior Minister Mohammed Ghabban block, that the deportation of hundreds of officers from the Interior Ministry is part of the reform measures, calling on the competent parliamentary committees to support the Minister of Interior in these reform steps.
MP says Razak Mahabs (range) that "many calls for reforms in the military, but at the same time oppose the reform measures implemented by the Interior Minister," adding that "this Altbabin positions of these changes is political hypocrisy."
Mahabs confirms "the existence of a large slouch at the Interior Ministry in the presence of austerity operations carried out by the government in its institutions because of financial distress."
He stresses bloc member and Minister of the Interior that "these reform steps did not come suddenly but there is a recommendation by a committee opinion in the Ministry of Interior requires the removal of these officers." 9%8A%D8%A9-%D8%AA%D8%B3%D8%AA%D9%88%D8%B6%D8%AD-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%BA%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%86-%D8%A8%D8%B4%D8%A3%D9%86