Iraq Commission of Integrity Press Releases

At his office, Speaker of COR meets Commissioner of CoI … Speaker confirms that CoI efforts need our support The Speaker of COR Dr. Saleem Al Jebouree expresses his readiness to provide support for CoI in its fight against corruption and corruptors, stressing on the readiness of COR to provide the required support for CoI which was facing sensitive and important time that need support from all Iraqi peoples. Al Jebouree clarified that the steps and measures taken lately by CoI need to be supported especially by the representatives in COR, indicating the successful steps taken by CoI including the establishment of teams that check closely the work of public institutions as well as opening old and new files in these institutions highlighting at the same time that these steps need to be supported and that CoI shouldn’t be alone in fighting corruption Dr. Hassan Al Yassiri stated for Mr. Al Jebouree that CoI is determined to announce in the near coming days of the results of its field teams describing these results as fruitful and satisfied for all real patriots.
The reason behind choosing three public institutions such as the Ministries of Trade and Electricity and the Mayoralty of Baghdad is as said Mr. Al Yassiri due to its attachment with the citizens needs showing that the shortage of providing electric energy to peoples was one of the reasons behind their grumbling that pushed them to demonstrate, also, the attachment of the Ministry of Trade work to the people foodstuff and Baghdad Mayoralty is responsible for the basic services to the citizens of the capital, as well as what was alleged about its work concerning suspicions of corruption. He stressed that the results of the work of these teams will be announced soon through a press conference.

Al-Yassiri clarified that CoI will expand the work of these teams to include other state offices, as well as providing support to these teams to achieve its duties.

He drew the attention that CoI is ready to receive all the reports and information related with corruption in the state offices. Al-Yassiri expressed his hope that those are real reports and supported with documents and evidences for not distracting the investigators efforts in following-up these reports to complete its files.

CoI commissioner expressed his gratitude and thanks to CoR Speaker and he mentioned CoI need for this support due to its engagement in a fierce war against corruption and its readiness to sacrifice again as it sacrificed before during the course of its work tens of martyrs and wounded.