The Ministry of Planning Announcement limited tender No. (4) for the year 2015

​The Ministry of Planning for the declaration of a limited tender for the project (the preparation of studies and designs for the monument sham system in the Ministry of Planning and audit the studies and designs) and included in the investment budget for the year / 2015 cost of speculative (70) seventy million Iraqi dinars and the rate of (50) million dinars for the studies and designs and (20 ) Twenty million dinars to audit the studies, designs and according to the instructions and technical conditions required general description and eligibility criteria (tender documents) For willing to participate in foreign and Arab public and private Iraqi competent offices companies submit their bids on the tender, which is obtained documents from the headquarters (Ministry of Planning / Department contracts) object in Baghdad-Karada Mariam- near the bridge of the Republic (building A / second floor) to the sum of (100,000) one hundred thousand Iraqi dinars non-refundable, that the documents are put (tender) in a sealed envelope and sealed the site and included the tender name and date It will be closed and the exclusion of any tender does not fulfill any of the conditions set out in detail below, note that the ministry is not bound to accept the lowest bid and that the deadline for submission of bids is on Thursday, 10.29.2015 twelve o'clock noon Baghdad time and bears the tenderer wages publication of the notice in the case of coincidence tender closing date is an official holiday, the closing is the first time the day after the holiday.

Conditions and required documents /
Receipt of purchasing the tender documents.
The founding documents of the company (domestic or foreign) or at the office certified by the Registrar of Companies or leave the office.
To provide a clearance or a no objection letter from the General Authority for taxes allows for participation in the tender to be entitled to the Ministry of Planning.
Provide similar work in favor of the contracting parties concerned and does not accept books issued by the private sector.
Commitment within the instructions accompanying the tender documents.
Be the date of the special conference to answer questions wishing to participate is exactly ten o'clock on Monday morning 10/26/2015 at the ministry's headquarters.
Companies can participate attend the public meeting open to public bidding. Contracts Section The Ministry of Planning.