Elimination brings a member of parliament and general manager of the health of Dhi Qar

Court of achieving fairness in Basra issued an order to bring in a member of the House of Representatives, in the same court in Dhi Qar issued Astkdama least the right general manager of the health of the province. Judge Ahmed Darwish Mator judge said achieving integrity in Basra told (Media Center Authority Alqdhaiah- JAMC) that "the Court issued an order to bring to a House of Representatives on charges of corruption Mali" Darwish said that "the charge related to his detention by the Attorney half the salaries of participating teams bodyguards to protect him." He explained, "according to the agreement between the deputy and the Director General of the Legal Service of the Council of Representatives shall receive all of the guard to protect 915 000 dinars per month," adding, "while granting deputy to guard the amount of $ 400 only." In the same vein court issued achieve integrity in Dhi Qar is to bring general manager of the health of Dhi Qar on charges of financial corruption. The head of the resumption of Dhi Qar judge Fadel Jaber Halboss's (JAMC) that "the issue relates to the existence of violation of the contract between the General Manager of the health of the province, and the head of a medical delegation is being operated in Nasiriyah Heart Center" He Halboss that "the accused has disbursed over 137 million dinars to doctors Syrians despite the lack of financial provision".