Circle of care for minors announces its earnings during the month of September

Resolved 26 invitation and 99 treatment completed
The Department of care for minors of the Ministry of Justice, the percentage of gains during the month of September. The statement said the Ministry notification: the Chamber made profits of auctions of Treasury transfers (111.326, 600) one hundred and eleven million, three hundred and twenty-six thousand six hundred dinars during the month of September, noting that property investment returns (3570000) three million five hundred and seventy thousand dinars. The statement added: the Department of finance revenue amounted to (22317806) and twenty million three hundred and seventeen thousand and eight hundred and six dinars, while the number of cases that have been resolved (62) and (99) transaction completed last month, adding that cadres of social search completed (45). The statement said: the Baghdad governorate directorates of the circle, has made remarkable achievements in terms of care and follow-up and the investment of funds of the minors in the interest of this slide, and this aspect was the number of field visits (252).