Jubouri reveals four banks for money laundering in the country


BAGHDAD / Sky Press: A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Haitham al-Jubouri, Sunday, the presence of four banks exercise money laundering operation in the country, demanding the Central Bank has established trusteeship, as pointed out that the Public Prosecutor officially recognizes corrupted files relating to the four banks.
Jubouri said during a press conference held today, the parliament building and attended by the correspondent "Sky Press," "We sent a letter to the Central Bank pointed to the presence of four banks exercise money laundering operation, but the bank has not taken any decision regarding this matter."
He called al-Jubouri, the central bank to "put the custody of the four banks being responsible for the leave and take responsibility for it," pointing out that "the public prosecutor formally recognizes the corrupted files related to those banks."

He added that "it is deposited money in a bank North and Dar es Salaam does not give him money under the pretext of lack of liquidity, but they are based on the other hand the purchase of 10-15 million dollars a day from the Central Bank," calling to "put the custody of lagging banks pay people money."