Announcing the death toll of Representatives .. Hamoudi warns of a project to overthrow the state

Twilight News / warned of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives member Hamoudi Sunday targeting of parliament to topple the entire state.

Hamoudi said at a ceremony to commemorate the victims of the parliament was held in Baghdad that "the targeting of Parliament sometimes murder, bombing and other abuse, distortion and lies, is a project for the reconstruction of Iraq to overthrow the dictatorship and the new Iraqi state as a whole."

He said in replying to a question about the reason for the continuation of the legislative institution targeting that "the basis of the new state parliament in Iraq with a basis of will of the people," adding that "the parliamentary system a major source of the Republic, ministers and senior officials set a source of legislation and state control and follow-up to the judiciary."

He said First Deputy Chairman of the Council that "the members of Parliament are proud that no one except the people appointed by, and we will stay loyal to him and will not give up his service and support him and follow his interests and the expression of his will," pointing out that "the House of Representatives feet of its members approximately 12 martyrs and this number or more employees where and ten weaken the protections."

The new Hamoudi assertion that "the House of Representatives will stand at the beginning of each year of the Hijri new recall the martyrs of the legislative authority," adding it was "a good start and an important message to all over the world that we will not forget our faithful martyrs will not forget the goals that walked by and sacrificed for it."