Today .. Council of Ministers approved the budget

Brother - Baghdad - Favored the office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi approval of the Council of Ministers in its meeting scheduled on Sunday a draft budget for fiscal 2016 Act exceptional.

His spokesman Saad al-Hadithi said that "the budget bill will be presented today to the cabinet for a vote and likely passed, but each case, the project is still in circulation and can not talk about the final number for the size of the budget only after sending it to the House of Representatives."

"The change in the budget at the last minute in the size of cabinet discussions may occur and therefore it is difficult to announce the final number for the total amount of expenditure in the budget bill passed by the Council of Ministers."

He pointed newborn to, that "determine the total budget will be discussed and there is work team is working on the budget since the days and be presented to the Cabinet," noting that "the debate would apply to budget items will not be meeting only be a vote and a show of hands and there may be changes in the final moments on the exact budget figure gets upgrade or downgrade Jeep what is going on and what is happening inside of the deliberations of the Council of Ministers today."

A spokesman for the House of Representatives to the Office Abadi, the dimensions of the budget after it reaches him of "political conflicts and ratify it without delay."

A newborn that "Parliament managed to pass the 2015 budget, cut the time short unlike the previous years and I think that the circumstances in the country far and the challenges of security and the need for the government to launch her ​​financial spending with regard to providing the war on terror and the special requirements of salaries service and other matters make Parliament before the challenge of the need that the budget performed rapidly and interfere in conflicts between parliamentary blocs."

"We believe that there is a chance to pass the budget shortly asymptotic time experienced by the current year's budget I do not think the debate will drag around in the Parliament, as was the case under the previous governments."