(Et al) published new salary scale approved in cabinet

Brother - Baghdad - Disclosure of financial paradise parliamentary member Haitham al-Jubouri, Sunday, handed over the new "draft" adopted at the Council of Ministers salary details.

Jubouri said that "the new salary scale approved the draft, which the Council of Ministers, which included a grant of 30% of all workers in the ministries of oil and electricity, with the exception of the two ministries and the headquarters of the Office of the Inspector and the headquarters of the two companies."

He Jubouri that "with regard to the Ministry of Justice has been added to 150 000 dinars given to investigators Aladelan exclusively and 400 000 workers in the prisons," he said, adding that he "will be awarded to 150 000 dinars allocations cut to the Ministry of Education and Islamic Education in the Shiite and Sunni Endowments."

"The Ministry of Higher Education salaries will be up 100% of the professor and 75% assistant professor, and 50% of teachers, 25% assistant teacher", pointing out that "this increase include the faculties of Imam Kadhim and Imam Azam scientific and complex."

He Jubouri that "with regard to the Ministry of Labour are granted social workers and labor inspectors exclusively 150 000 dinars," noting that "the ministries and departments not linked to the Ministry, under the geometric allocations title, shall be awarded 50% of the nominal salary for practicing engineers in the project sites, and 35 % of employees in departments headquarters for engineers."

He explained that "this includes the fixed allowances (certificate, marriage and children, transportation)."