Financial: reject the new salary scale and the dictatorship of Abadi

Majida Al-Tamimi said "start we want to have a new salary scale and the Bill not because when given the Prime Minister for reforms in the House does not mean the conduct without invoking the law law don't cancel only by law".
She added, "we knew that the new salary scale resolution, and resolution law, don't cancel until the reduction came in General and vague, and no details, and we can't accept that the law would nullify the decision because when given authorization for Abadi in implementing reforms not by decisions because there are laws concerning salaries".
Tamimi recalled that "authorization of the Prime Minister was not authorized years we supported hotfix packages but packages must come with their details, either to give an open authorization decisions are placed outside Parliament, this means that lantaamel within the State".
She wondered "where is the role of the Finance Committee of Parliament of this decision and what is work? Does it mean the abolition of the role of the Commission and Parliament, this will make it [Abadi] dictator, "expressing" fear of similar decisions in other cases where Parliament might override this limit and this is what make the country up to this point ".

Financial representative stressed its non-participation or the decision to amend the salary scale is absolute and it is heard only in the media ", stating" we monitor financial and political cash being the purview of the Finance Committee and is part of the work of Parliament either take so let's cancel resolutions of Parliament better "certain" we won't compromise on securing the rights of employees ".