The President of the Republic in a limited session for (time): Kurdish crisis toward a solution within weeks

The President of the Republic in a limited session for (time): Kurdish crisis toward a solution within weeks of the parliamentary Summit looking for challenges and moving forward with reforms Baghdad, Ahmed Abdul-Majid revealed President Fouad Massoum on efforts to gather the leaders of the political blocs to dialogue table covering the entire files pending challenges to move forward reform processes.

He said at a meeting with editors of several newspapers including the (time) on (the steps undertaken in the framework of reforms involving the pros but must be accompanied by solving problems and have started trilateral meetings and bilateral themes affecting the implementation of demands advocated by the citizens). Infallible wished that efforts in this regard, a success despite the perceived present likelihood not reach conclusive results.

Maasum stressed at the meeting that turned into a sort of tradition who seek the Presidency to devote in the relationship between the media, the absence of deputies after Parliament voted to abolish the posts of Vice-Chairmen, noting that the three deputies have the right to appeal against the decision of the Parliament to the Federal Court.

Masoom said also that examines the development of realistic plans for the revitalization of the non-oil sectors to expand the country's resources, as well as develop strategies specific to all sectors, including military and security, drawing on experiences from friendly countries. Noting the readiness of international assistance in this aspect. Massoum acknowledged that began meeting to review things that the press briefing and can learn to beat the street by visions of editors that (Iraq deadlocked after regulation daash) affirming (need to support armed forces in some areas and concerns or sensitivities about crowd forces). He added that (Iraq is likely to occur as a result of Government space experiences when attempting to form the previous Governments and the demands of some blocks delaying formed).

He urged the largest parliamentary bloc infallible to settle their differences and strengthen relations with what makes tracks dealing with crises. He said that (sectarian issues penetrated the heart of the political process as a result of subjective and objective factors, including the nature of building the political process and insist on naming and ingredients the emergence of political conflict because of the poor Sunni representation in the Parliament since the formation of the interim Government led by Iyad Allawi)

Maasum stressed that (most of the problems have come from differences within the larger mass and then reflected on the rest of the other blocks). Hit, for example, the infallible (Iraqi officials view the problems and concerns of their lumps before leaders of some States they visit rather than represent their country). He said that (Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi spent some years of his mandate without something as a result of his presence coincided with sharp declines in oil prices and the worsening conflict between political forces, but faced pressure from the Tehran-backed religious reference which provided unlimited support not conditional to the reforms announced by). Impeccable condition (characterized meetings of leaders of blocs to be launched by political discipline and not to provoke sharp criticism or accusations). He added that (government reforms a step forward, despite the reticence of broad categories of people, but they have achieved a balance regarding the narrowing of disparities in salaries and the possibility of achieving justice in the new staff salaries). Adding to (the need to protect staff from attempts to acquire money and bypass the General job duties). Offered (time) to the President of the Republic concerns the Iraqi street of crisis conditions in Kurdistan, noting the importance of reaching a settlement reaffirms expectations about the success of the democratic experiment and development role, and infallible that (the next few weeks will see a solution to the problem) which confirmed his contacts with all parties, but he did not hide his desire that (the protagonists reach results without the need for an intervention), masum roots (the current Kurdistan crisis extends to political differences and economic crisis), (What happens in the region is a natural reflection of the General conditions of the country).

Maasum with boldness and clarity when speaking of rampant corruption in State institutions, the upheavals that the quotas and the effects on the formation of lumps and menus based on sectarian and nationalist and distance itself from the thing. He said (all Ministers receive their bags and begin to identify and engage the latter their lumps but Ministers) and (the number of Kurds in the Presidency not exceeding 50 employees). He stressed that (survival mentality quotas mean survival footing problems.) accused some infallible media confused expressions used in connection with the International Alliance and the Quadripartite Coordination said (that was not committed to true expressions. coordination of Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, Russian intelligence does not exceed the format specifiers only and is not an agreement stratigia not political alliance but is just a format that does not involve elements of obligation or compulsion). He said (the International Alliance is the basically not quadripartite format), however, say (to Iraq outside the Coalition's excellent relations with Iran and we buy from Russia weapons we have extended experience in relying on their return to the first Republic era, many military officers trained in Russian military institutes). Confirmed (we are not a defence of Bashar Al-Assad and not demanding that. the fundamental issue that has engulfed the Iraqi cities, daash needs to exchange information with States).

Masoom confirmed its continued role in organizing an International Conference on the reconstruction of liberated cities from daash. Referring to the development of mechanisms to implement the idea put forward by the Sharm el Sheikh Conference by Egypt and suggested that the United Nations Fund supporters saw the importance of a Committee to monitor donor funds for more transparency and keep the movement of funds.