A strategic alliance between Britain's BP and China's CNPC to develop the Rumaila field

Twilight News / are due to announce British giants BP and Chinese CNPC Alnaftytan next week for a strategic alliance designed to develop oil resources in Iraq and other areas, according to industry sources Friday. The aim of the mentioned, which is one of several deals agreement Cyprmha Chinese President Xi Jinping in his upcoming visit to Britain, to strengthen cooperation between the two companies in Iraq, where are developing the large Rumaila south of the country. The Rumaila field is the second largest oil fields in the world, and in 2014 produced about 1.34 million barrels per day of crude as you say BP. The two companies will also seek to expand in the establishment of partnerships to develop oil fields in other places in the world. The CNPC Chinese state-owned company is the largest producer of oil in the Asian continent.