The completion of the advanced levels of rehabilitation of a road linking Babylon Wasit

Announced roads and bridges Directorate of Babil province, on Saturday, completing 78% of the rehabilitation works by MUSSAYAB Essaouira and the continuation of work to do, and confirmed that the rehabilitation works included 19 km of the road, in a strategic way overwhelmingly promised thousands of vehicles. He said roads and bridges Babil province director Hamid al-Husseini said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The engineering and technical staff in the Directorate is now working on the rehabilitation of 19 kilometers of road Museib- Essaouira link between highway traffic and spend Essaouira," noting that "this way of roads mission and strategic because it connects the provinces of Baghdad, Wasit, Babil and overwhelmingly thousands of vehicles. " He said al-Husseini, that "the work includes gouge 19 km from the old tiling then Hdl dirt layer and brushes a layer of gravel Akhabt thickness of 15 cm and brushes two layers of asphalt, implementation and installation of the shoulders width of two meters on each side and implementation of arches that intersect with the road path".
Husseini stressed that "the percentage of completion of the road currently stood at 78%, and work is continuing to accomplish self-effort by technical and engineering staff in the department." The roads and bridges department in Babylon tasks are the implementation of all roads linking the province and neighboring governorates as well as between the city of Hilla, districts and areas as well as the implementation of large and small bridges.