Association of Banks: We are working on the horizontal increase in the banking sector by increasing the number of branches

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad announced that the Iraqi private banks association, said Friday it is working on a horizontal increase in the banking sector by increasing the number of branches, indicating that it is seeking to provide the best service to customers in various regions of Iraq. The executive director of the Association Tariq for "tomorrow Press", "The work of private banks in Iraq remarkable support record over the past few years being consistently seeks to provide better services to its customers and the Iraqi economy in general," adding that "the private banks are working with the participation of Iraqi private banks on the horizontal increase in the banking sector, the Commonwealth by increasing the number branches of each bank in all areas. "He said Tariq" The Iraqi banks looks forward to a true partnership between the state and the private sector through the provision of activities of banking and operations of various sophisticated parallel to what exists today in the countries of the region at the very least. "It consists of the banking system in Iraq from 53 banks , as well as the central bank, and are distributed according to property among seven state-owned banks, 44 regional banks, including Islamic seven, as well as six foreign banks and is distributed as follows: 600 branches throughout Iraq.