Parliamentary Integrity: the judiciary will be issued a new meal of arrest warrants against senior officials

Said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Juma Bahadli, on Saturday, that the integrity of judges and through the hosting of the Commission promised to issue a new meal of arrest warrants and recruitment against senior officials, who have suspicions of corruption, pointing out that the "lack of evidence" impedes the investigation with a lot of personalities " he accuses the Iraqi street corruption. "said Bahadli for" tomorrow Press, "that" there meal new arrest warrants will be made ​​public integrity against the court a group of senior officials who are suspected of involvement files, "explaining that" the integrity of judges confirmed that work is continuing in the audit files of corruption referred to them. "He added that" the judges of integrity, during their meeting the Commission explained the obstacles to their work, and failure to complete all the evidence they have to issue arrest warrants or recruitment against those responsible who have suspicions of corruption ", adding that" the street accused of a lot of characters, but the court does not have sufficient evidence to prosecute Each of the accused by the citizen. "He stressed that" the issuance of the judiciary catch and the introduction of warrants for senior officials first mission to combat corruption and the corrupt step. "revealed the judiciary, Thursday, for the issuance of arrest warrants against officials honestly Baghdad and the Ministry of Electricity details, while confirming that the specialized claims court of inquiry Integrity in Baghdad is one of the issuing.