Juma green in front of the parliament demanding to address the imbalance in investment law

(Independent) / Firas Alcirbesa / .. student and preacher in front of the Green Zone, Juma Hussein Almrobei, the need to address all the flaws in the Investment Law, the Council of Ministers calling for the observance of justice between government departments with regard to the new salary ladder.

Said Almrobei from the rostrum of the Mosque of al-Zahra in the Green Zone in Baghdad today, "We emphasize the need to address all the flaws in the Investment Law and the vote on the amendment as soon as possible in order to attract international companies to build infrastructure and housing units, roads, hospitals and the like."

He added that "open the door for investment deals with important economic files on Iraq generate a lot of benefits to the financial and service level and the elimination of the phenomenon of unemployment and openness to the modern technology in the construction and development of national cadres."

He urged "the government on the need to address the abhorrent bureaucratic problem that made a lot of companies shying away from dealing with Iraq as well as the subject of the land in terms of customization and ownership of the investor under the terms and legal basis because the capital is coward and more companies in order to work in Iraq need to legal guarantees to ensure the money We'll be spending as well as the need to reform the banking environment, which is the foundation of investment in the corner."

On the ladder of salaries of employees, Almrobei "Council of Ministers called for the observance of justice between government departments with regard to him the new salary it is unreasonable to receive 20 years career-old employee a salary lower than received by another employee in the same jurisdiction in other ministry serving two years", calling for "Find equation unified all ministries include several criteria, for example, the standard academic achievement and the standard of years of service and marital standard and number of family members and standard grades dangerous and disease in some of the ministries that handle matters with chemical or other and reduce the vast difference between the scores for the lower grades."

"We do not recommend in these circumstances experienced by the country's low-income owners to reduce the salaries and possible to support the 2016 budget of some other economic aspects and reduce public expenditures and deputations and the abolition of sums cars, goods and furniture and if there is a need done on to the Cabinet for approval of the disbursement."

With regard to the war on Daash recent victories Park Almrobei "our armed forces mobilized popular and big victories they earn a day in Anbar In Bhristi"

He said "the battle of Anbar armed forces led with distinction and battle Abjee led the crowd the popular par excellence, and both are racing against time to reach a common point, to free Mosul As is clear that the Baiji eliminate links between Anbar and Mosul and logistical support mutual Daash between Mosul and Anbar is by Peggy in order to contact Anbar Syria, on the one hand and touch Mosul, Turkey, on the other hand therefore find that Daash and months ago all their strengths and potential exhausted in order to maintain a presence in Baiji, because they know that the end of the fall of Baiji, which is the passage of President for the Liberation of Mosul and if the editor Peggy and control of Sharqat area we are at the gates of Mosul which will be edited much easier than editing Anbar."

He Almrobei "I think the coming days will witness the strong intervention of some countries supporting the Daash in order to abort the edit these areas, the process of the task and also express that the best way to defend the attack."

And it demanded to expose all the countries that support Daash and if there were clear evidence Vltzmy things spade to cut this media support disinterested which some play in order to create a state of amplification to the size of Daash should shut up tongues, which opposes any support for the Iraq war against international terrorism efforts, Iraq today is fighting originality for itself and on behalf of 100 countries, a global war need everyone's intervention in order to besiege Daash and make Mosul and Anbar, the tomb of her. "(end)