Baghdad Friday sermon preacher, calling on the government and parliament to take advantage of "qualified" from strong countries

(Independent) / Alcirbesa /..hdd Firas Khatib and to Fri Baghdad, Sheikh Adel al-Saadi on that victory on the last Daash was achieved only active fighters and heroes unite the internal fronts of the lack of tension between the political blocs.

Saadi said in his Friday sermon from the rostrum of the Al-Rahman Mosque in the al-Mansur in Baghdad, "We live these days of reform revolution and will change Husseini must take advantage of this season including brings us closer to the Almighty God, and be of those who carry the banner of reform and took Hussein leader and like we walk on his path."

He added, "we are preparing the last victory over Daash was achieved only active fighters heroes and unite the internal fronts of the lack of tension between the political blocs and quiet scene in which A frantic struggle and unite the people of the tribes with the security forces and the crowd the popular and growing national sense and consider the defense of this country, the responsibility of everyone so be it season Hussein cohesion and defend the dignity of this wounded country season."

He called al-Saadi Parliament to "study the benefit of other countries to help him in his war against terrorism", adding that "if the Western alliance does not deal seriously in the war did not provide adequate support for security forces, the government and parliament to think about seriously to find military alternatives in support and assistance for the benefit of achieve victory in a condition that does not conduct any new alliance to Iraq dependency and intervention rather than interfere in Iraq's internal affairs."

On the reforms of Prime Minister Wahid al-Abadi, al-Saadi said that "we all feel that adopted the reform movement in Iraq today are also with views of season Husseini made a step forward and that were not level required nor desired speed issuing those responsible commendable arrest warrant convicted in corruption cases diary but there are still large whales did not then beats danger after the bell."

He called al-Saadi of the Supreme Judicial Council to act hard space on corruption, said that "the Supreme Judicial is the other move move still is shy in front of rampant corruption in the judiciary and still has much to achieve reform in its system as well, but with so we welcome this made his move and every serious step towards change and reform in the and undermine the fight against corruption in order to preserve the higher interests of the country."

He expressed the hope that "those responsible for these files to be bolder and faster account for mischief because the despair began to eat people in the hope of achieving the desired social justice or a serious step in the fight against corruption." (End)