Khatib Baghdad stresses the need to consolidate the internal fronts of the lack of ~
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Thread: Khatib Baghdad stresses the need to consolidate the internal fronts of the lack of ~

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    Khatib Baghdad stresses the need to consolidate the internal fronts of the lack of ~

    Khatib Baghdad stresses the need to consolidate the internal fronts of the lack of tension between the political blocs

    10/16/2015 14:37 pm (Baghdad time)

    Baghdad scales News
    Khatib stressed and in front of Juma Baghdad on the need to consolidate the internal fronts of the lack of tension between the political blocs, and the mettle of fighters, to achieve the final victory over the organization Daash, calling on the government and the House of Representatives to the military advantage of the other countries in the fight against terrorism, and thinking seriously to find military alternatives in the support and assistance a condition that is not been no Iraq alliance to a new dependency, and with the Supreme Judicial Council called for moving hard to eliminate corruption.

    Said Sheikh Adel al-Saadi during Friday prayers at the Al-Rahman Mosque in the al-Mansur in Baghdad and attended / scales News /, we "live these days of reform revolution and will change Husseini must take advantage of this season including brings us closer to the Almighty God, and be of those who carry the banner of reform and took Hussein like a leader and we walk on his path. "

    He said al-Saadi, "we consider the last victory over Daash was achieved only active fighters heroes and unite the internal fronts of the lack of tension between the political blocs and quiet scene in which A frantic struggle and unite the people of the tribes with the security forces and the crowd the popular and growing national sense and consider the defense of this country is everyone's responsibility." , calling to be "Hussein season cohesion and defend the dignity of this wounded country season."

    Saadi reiterated "his support and blessing of the security forces and factions of the crowd in the popular heroine Mhamtha and victories", Mattaniah of God "to bless them Muzaffar victory on the enemies of Iraq."

    Addressing Saadi Iraqi Parliament, "We turn our discourse of the Iraqi parliament, which is the responsibility is greater than for the protection of the country must be a study to take advantage of other countries to help him in his war against terrorism", adding that "if the Western alliance does not deal seriously in the war did not provide adequate support for troops For security the government and parliament to seriously think about to find alternatives in military support and assistance for the benefit of victory in a condition that does not conduct any new alliance to Iraq dependency and intervention rather than interfere in Iraq's internal affairs. "

    On the reforms of Prime Minister Wahid al-Abadi, between al-Saadi that "we all feel that adopted the reform movement in Iraq today are also with views of season Husseini made a step forward and that were not level required nor desired speed issuing those responsible commendable arrest warrant convicted in corruption cases diary but there are still large whales did not then beats danger after the bell. "

    He called al-Saadi, "the Supreme Judicial Council to act hard to eradicate corruption," noting that "the Supreme Judicial is the other move move still is shy in front of rampant corruption in the judiciary and still has much to achieve reform in its system as well, but with so we welcome this made his move and every serious step towards change and reform in the fight against corruption and undermine it in order to preserve the higher interests of the country. "

    He said al-Saadi "We hope that those responsible for these files to be bolder and faster account for mischief because the despair began to eat people in the hope of achieving the desired social justice or a serious step in the fight against corruption."

    He said that "with all this hope is still hoped for to lift Iraq from deteriorating and put it redone in accordance with the interests of the people said. As good reference, despite what we are going through, but the hope still exists in the construction of a prosperous Iraq despite the harsh conditions in which we live."

    With regard to the Imam Hussein revolution now and take advantage of them in Iraq, al-Saadi said, "Any revolution or change in the community, whether religious or political track, or all other areas of life you need to logo shows the objectives and the reasons and the means taken to achieve the reform plan was the slogan of Imam Hussein in the renaissance blessed "I have not been out Asherah nor elated nor a spoiler nor unjust, but exited the request of serious reform in a nation that I want is for the Promotion of Virtue and ended the cunning and prisoner biography of my grandfather and my father Ali ibn Abi Talib"

    He continued, "The foundations adopted by Imam Hussein in the renaissance of the blessed, which was to determine the goal of reform if people refused to actually corrupt and should not be part of it and basically the other is to identify ways and means and its statement and clarity of the nation can not be lifted reform goals and the slogan was not clear means and methods of this reform, It's the other representing all the nation's invitation to participate in the reform process. "

    He concluded Saadi his speech by saying that "the rejection of any bitter reality and the state of deterioration of corrupt nation should not be rejecting it, part of it, not a shareholder or was satisfied with her last and matter is that starting from religious and compatible foundations to the will of heaven and the law is changed Mahmoud and unacceptable," .anthy / 29 / d 24
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