Economist warns of cancellation due to the lack of customs tariffs applied fairly

Date: 10/16/2015 13:55

BAGHDAD / information / ..
Economist warned full-Qaisi, on Friday, of the decision to cancel customs tariffs under the pretext of the lack of justice in the application of the law, stressing the need to enforce the law at all ports without discrimination.

He said Qaisi told / information / "The cancellation of the application of the customs tariff law was not in the government, which says she is suffering from a lack of imports and cash interest".

"The government claimed that this law does not comply, the border crossing points only port Safwan in Basra province, and it's not fair, she said," explaining that "the Kurdistan region did not abide by this law was not applied until now, flouting this law."

Qaisi called on the government to "implement the law by imposing on all ports, without discrimination, in order to obtain imports of the State", adding that "the law of customs tariff applicable in all over the world, except for Iraq." Finished / 25 s