Housing Fund: Almtlkian debts amounted to 48 billion dinars
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Thread: Housing Fund: Almtlkian debts amounted to 48 billion dinars

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    Housing Fund: Almtlkian debts amounted to 48 billion dinars

    Housing Fund: Almtlkian debts amounted to 48 billion dinars

    Long-Presse / Baghdad - He attributed the housing fund, on Wednesday, he stopped lending to citizens, to the financial crisis that hit the country, and the non-payment of 40 thousand beneficiaries monthly installments due on them, and as pointed out that the total debt owed by those Almtlkian exceed 48 billion dinars, accused some state departments after cooperation with him to collect debts, and threatened to display his debtors Real Estate for sale under the law.

    A spokeswoman for the fund, Nadia Khalid, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Fund's shares by about an actor in supporting the housing sector through loans granted to citizens for the construction of their homes," indicating that "the Fund ceased providing such loans due to the financial crisis the country, waiting for what repaid by the borrowers and the amounts will come from loans granted by the Central Bank of Iraq."

    Khalid promised, that "loans also stopped due to the reluctance of borrowers to repay the amounts discharged from the Fund," pointing out that there are "40 A borrower to pay the laggard of his trust fund."

    She explained a spokeswoman for the housing fund, that "borrowers Almtlkian did not pay the monthly installment of 200 thousand dinars to the Fund for a period of ranging from four months to a year", pointing out that it "resulted in the imposition of fines Tojerih on Almtlkian bringing the Fund's debt amount owed by borrowers to more than 48 billion dinars."

    It accused Khalid, some government departments, as "it did not cooperate with the Fund by refusing to withhold salary guarantor of the borrower Almtlki to pay the monthly installments," asserting that "the fund was forced to announce borrowers Almtlkian local newspapers the names with give them a specific deadline for payment, and otherwise the display properties for sale according to the law."

    Referred to the housing fund was established by Order No. (11) for the year 2004, with a capital of 300 billion dinars, to finance housing projects and to enable the Iraqi people to build housing for them by granting mortgage loans for this purpose.

    The Cabinet decided at its eighth ordinary session in (the fifth of May 2015), lending to the housing fund from the Rafidain and Rasheed amount of $ 100 billion dinars dinars, to enable it to lend to the citizens for the purposes of housing with carrying Ministry of Finance legal interest and in coordination with the Minister of Finance.

    It is noteworthy that Iraq is suffering a severe housing crisis due to the growing population, relative to the number of residential complexes, in addition to the inability of citizens with limited income from the construction of its own housing units, because of the high cost of land and construction materials.

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