Wasit receive 169 billion dinars dues peasants and is distriibuted next week 10/15
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Thread: Wasit receive 169 billion dinars dues peasants and is distriibuted next week 10/15

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    Wasit receive 169 billion dinars dues peasants and is distriibuted next week 10/15

    Wasit receive 169 billion dinars dues peasants from the previous season and is distributed next week

    Long-Presse / Was it - Announced Wasit management, on Wednesday, announced the launch of the Ministry of Finance amounted to $ 169 billion dinars to be distributed among the peasants of the province, (180 km southeast of Baghdad), next week, against the grain, which Soukoha last season, the ministry urged the release of the remaining amounts Bzmtha guarantee for not affected by the current agricultural season.

    The governor of Wasit, owner behind the valley, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Ministry of Finance has launched an amount of 169 billion dinars from the peasants and farmers dues in the province owed by the Ministry of Commerce, amounting to nearly 550 billion dinars, peer wheat and barley crops which Soukoha previous season "noting that" the General Company for Grain Trade, will distribute the amount among the peasants and farmers next week, under a mechanism to ensure marketers get their dues at a certain percentage of the total debt owed to them."

    He called on the valley, the Ministry of Finance, to "release the rest of the amounts due them for marketers of wheat and hair from last season," he returned to "delay the launch affect the new planting season for the inability of peasants and farmers meet their financial obligations from the provision of seeds and fertilizers as well as plowing and sowing operations and other".

    Agricultural Committee in the Wasit province, and demanded, in the (atheist th of August 2015), the Ministry of Commerce, regardless sums marketing wheat and barley crops which Bzmtha to farmers, amounting to about 550 billion dinars.

    The peasants of Wasit demonstrated more than once, in front of the provincial council building, demanding that the Ministry of Finance launched their dues from last season, warning of the impact of delay on the new agricultural season and the overall situation.

    Announced Agriculture and Wasit Directorate, in (the 15th of July 2015), that the sum of the quantities of wheat and barley crops has reached more than 827 thousand tons, while confirmed that about 700 thousand tons were marketed to stores and malls government of receipt, it reported that 43 thousand tons were keep the peasants seed or for the purposes of milling and 75 thousand tons were sold in the domestic market, especially barley.

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