Parliamentary approval of the invitation calls for conscription law

The head of the parliamentary call block, behind Abdul Samad, on Wednesday, to the need to approve the conscription law "to eliminate the specter of sectarianism that threaten the security and the future of the country." Said Abdul Samad in a statement MEMRI press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "the adoption of conscription law has become necessary to build a strong Iraqi army the advantage of the patriotism of belonging and smashing sectarian rock that have hindered the political process in the country and brought back to the past centuries." .
He will also contribute "engagement lot of energies youth and graduates in its ranks, according to their specialty as well as to protect those energies of belonging to armed groups because of unemployment."
He called Abdul Samad "The Iraqi government and the House of Representatives to speed up the approval of the law and its activation in order to eliminate the sectarianism that threaten the security of and the future of the country, "referring to the" importance of national cohesion and communication between the people of all the components in military units mixed eliminate the sectarian sedition that some have tried planted between one people components and disprove all the negative labels that guide the Iraqi army private and accused of being an army for a certain range ".