Deputy for the National L / scales News /: half our problems back to the lack of president of the alliance

10/15/2015 20:45 (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Confirmed the National Alliance, a member of Mohammed Naji, on Thursday, said that half of the problems experienced by the National Alliance will be resolved only elects the president, calling on the leaders of political blocs within the coalition to form a governing body is due to the members of the alliance.

He said Naji's / scales News /, that "does not work the political blocs consistency within the National Alliance and the absence of a unified visions have come back to the lack of Chairman of the Alliance for almost a year and a half," noting that "half the National Alliance problems solved stalled due to lack of president of the alliance."

He said the National Alliance member that "there was a desire for the end of this file, but the insistence of the masses of the call and the citizen to be the presidency of the National Alliance have led to a cut and an end to the negotiations," calling at the same time to "the formation of the Presidium of the return to the coalition or to be the presidency of the Alliance periodically and is awarded every two years for a certain character in order to put an end to the loss of opportunities. "

Referred to as the "MP for the Bloc citizen Hamdiya Husseini confirmed, earlier, the most prominent candidate for the presidency of the National Alliance is the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, noting that he should be president of the Coalition on the degree of integrity and able to hold anyone before Thasabh regulators ".anthy 29/28