Kurdish change meets today to take the fateful decision

[Baghdad - where] announced member of the National Council of the Movement for Change, Hoshyar Abdullah, said the group members at a meeting on Thursday, will evaluate the possibilities facing them.
He said Hoshyar Abdullah in Sahviqaila statement: in today's meeting will discuss the National Council of the Movement for Change all the options in front of him, in order to choose what is best for the future, adding, "Even if we stayed in the opposition will not be like the past and we will make a new version for the opposition, but Snpetkr new models for the opposition."
Hoshyar Abdullah and Odv the Kurdistan Regional Government, following the dimensions of Ministers of the movement of which, confiscation and illegal government, says: "It is clear that the current government confiscation by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, so Staying in this government means to participate in such a government formed by the Kurdistan Democratic Party after August 31 / August. "testifies the Kurdistan region days ago, specifically in the province of Sulaymaniyah popular demonstrations developed into acts and clashes violence with security forces, the delay in salary payments and the continuing crisis presidency of the province, which resulted in casualties and injuries.
as demonstrators attacked angry at the headquarters of other parties, including the the Kurdistan Democratic Party, which is led by the provincial head of Massoud Barzani, in Sulaymaniyah.
and evolved crisis after he objected to the authorities in Arbil Monday, President of the Kurdistan Parliament Yusuf Mohamed procession [belonging to the MDC at a checkpoint Alton Bridge and prevent entry into Erbil.
The head Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani, isolate Monday four ministers from the movement Altgier.