Detecting the formation of specialized committees to oversee the distribution of the citizens loans

10/15/2015 17:49 pm (Baghdad time)

Special - scales News
Detection of the Commission of Economy and ages parliamentary member Harith al-Harthy, on Thursday, the formation of specialized committees to oversee the distribution of loans to citizens.

He said Al-Harthy's / scales News /, "The Cabinet instructed all concerned to activation" serious "to the private sector in order to bridge the shortfall in the fiscal budget for next year," noting that "the Council of Ministers has supported the parliamentary Committee by all means in order to develop plans necessary to get out of the economic crisis which the country is going through."

He said a member of the Committee of Economy and ages parliamentary, "The parliamentary committee worked on the formation of an ad hoc committee to oversee the distribution of loans, which launched earlier," revealing at the same time that "the Commission will work on the distribution of loans to citizens control in order to avoid any tampering could happen."

This "The Central Bank of Iraq, earlier, that the loan, which was launched to finance projects depends on a legal product and consumer protection, pointing out that he can not remain a monopoly ministries for all economic activities."

It is said that "a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib confirmed L / scales News /, earlier, said that the launch of small loans came to activate the private sector further and revive the financial budget for 2016" .anthy 29/9 / P 18 G